March 25th, 2020 – Day Nine of #ThreePositiveThings

With a one day delay, this is my recap of day nine of my personal project to spread more positives vibes in times of COVID-19 pandemic:
A series named #ThreePositiveThings where I’m going to share at least 3 positive things that either happened to me during my day or, that I am particularly grateful for at the moment.
Here you can catch up with the initial blog post if you want to.

#1 – A Figurine of Jasper

I got a parcel from Canada, that I have been impatiently waiting for: a figurine of our beloved “boy” Jasper we lost about two months ago.
In the picture, you can see the urn. We initially planned to disperse Jasper’s ashes, but so far, we still find it very comforting to have him close to us, now together with the cute figure crafted by the amazing Dasha Goux from French Bulldog Works.

#2 – Puzzlemania

Inspired by one participant of our online Lego building get-together two days ago, I decided to start building a puzzle. That escalated quickly… 😉
I had so much fun that I got completely lost in time – and that’s also the reason why there was no blog post published yesterday! 😉
Alain helped me finishing it in the evening and I’m pretty sure we’re going to this more often now… to be continued!

#3 – A Photo-Collage by “Go Girl Run”

“Go Girl Run” is a Facebook group that helped me a lot to become a passionate runner. This is a photo campaign to illustrate our support toward each other in these difficult times. I really like it. I participated as well, can you guess which photo is mine?

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