March 24th, 2020 – Day Eight of #ThreePositiveThings

This is day eight of my personal project to spread more positives vibes in times of COVID-19 pandemic:
A series named #ThreePositiveThings where I’m going to share at least 3 positive things that either happened to me during my day or, that I am particularly grateful for at the moment.
Here you can catch up with the initial blog post if you want to.

#1 – I’m down 25 lbs!

After my last lipedema surgery in October, I changed my diet to ketogenic.
The last lipedema episode that started in autumn 2018 made me gain around 30 pounds in total which was really hard for me to deal with.
A combination of the great results of the surgery, the new diet, and physical exercise made me lose 25lbs since October and I’m really proud!
Especially, because I’m NOT starving, to be honest, I wonder if there was a period in my life where I’ve cherished food as much as I did in the past few months. With that being said, I prepared a yummy Tiramisu for this evening. 😉

#2 – Another Geocaching Trip

This afternoon, I convinced my husband Alain to join me and the dogs for a Geocaching break. The weather is still amazing and besides finding the hidden box, we had a great time outside. You can see for yourself:

#3 – Online Lego-Building Get Together

A few days ago, I suggested in the German WordPress Slack to organize a social evening where we’re gonna build some Lego while chatting online via video call. Today, Thomas Brühl took the initiative and set up a spontaneous online get together for this evening.
I’m curious who’s going to show up and I’m looking forward to combining some of my favorite activities: building Lego and being with my WordPress friends – and eating Tiramisu, of course!

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