March 21st, 2020 – Day Five of #ThreePositiveThings

This is day five of my personal project to spread more positives vibes in times of COVID-19 pandemic:
A series named #ThreePositiveThings where I’m going to share at least 3 positive things that either happened to me during my day or, that I am particularly grateful for at the moment.
Here you can catch up with the initial blog post if you want to.

#1 – Creative people on Social Media

It’s really inspiring to see how creative people become these days on the internet! This is a great example from my home country Luxembourg, a cover song by Lisa Mariotto (original is the brilliant single “Dance Monkey” by Tones and I) .
It‘s a humoristic music video about the Corona lockdown situation, our common responsibilities, staying (the f***) at home and – dancing, obviously. 😉
A brilliant, funny and creative idea with an important message!
This is one of the first things I saw on my mobile after waking up, and my day started in a completely different way, as I couldn’t help but – dancing my a** off!
In case anybody was wondering what Luxembourgish, my actual mother tongue, would sound like, here you go!

#2 – Carole & Alain go Just Dance! 2019

We had to do some groceries in the morning and in the supermarket we found ourselves standing in front of a shelf with video games. Inspired by Lisas message, we decided to bring more dancing at home into our lives and purchased Just Dance! 2019 for Nintendo Switch.
Well, here is the result…

#3 – Keto Baking Adventures

In the afternoon, we gave two new keto baking recipes a try, and so far, the results look absolutely great!
On the left side, a homemade version of the famous Kinder Milch-Schnitte and on the right side, a delicious Moroccan flatbread, both super low in carbs.

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