March 20th, 2020 – Day Four of #ThreePositiveThings

This is day four of my personal project to spread more positives vibes in times of COVID-19 pandemic:
A series named #ThreePositiveThings where I’m going to share at least 3 positive things that either happened to me during my day or, that I am particularly grateful for at the moment.
Here you can catch up with the initial blog post if you want to.

#1 – People checking on Me

I got a few unexpected messages from friends from all over the world checking on me, to ask how I felt these days.
It felt really great, especially because some of them were folks I’ve not heard of for a while. I’m doing the same with other people.

#2 – A Bike Ride with my Husband

I’m extremely grateful that I still have the opportunity to go outside without putting myself or other people in danger. This is not only due to the legal situation in Germany but also to the location of our home base.
Physical exercise has become crucial not only for my body and the chronic disease it’s suffering but even more for my mental health.
It was the first time in four months I was able to go on a bike ride together with my husband Alain. And even though it got pretty cold, we both enjoyed it at its fullest!
(In case you legitimately wonder how many social interactions we had, the answer is zero.)

#3 – An Afternoon Nap

In the past few days, I have to admit, I put a little pressure on myself: it’s not ok to let myself down, to stay in jogging pants all day, to do nothing for a while, to relax on the couch because doing “nothing” might lead into depression…
Today, after the bike ride in the cold, it felt right to just crawl under the warm blanket on the sofa and relax a bit together with the doggies.
I watched some trash TV and after a while, I just fell asleep.
It was my first nap in ages and it really felt great. I should definitely do that more often and it’s totally fine to do “nothing” for a little while, as long as it feels right to you!

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