March 19th, 2020 – Day Three of #ThreePositiveThings

This is day three of my personal project to spread more positives vibes in times of COVID-19 pandemic:
A series named #ThreePositiveThings where I’m going to share at least 3 positive things that either happened to me during my day or, that I am particularly grateful for at the moment.
Here you can catch up with the initial blog post if you want to.

#1 – Colors for the Garden

After 4 years of moping, I finally found the motivation to pimp up my garden.
In order to still apply social distancing, I have taken advice over phone call and the plants and other accessories are going to be delivered to my home.
The garden needs color, definitely more color!
And you can probably guess what colors I’ve been choosing…
Here are a few examples:

#2 – Planning some Online Game Nights

I clearly miss social contact with my friends and family. And it’s getting harder the closer the weekend gets. That’s why I’m planning to organize some online game nights.

  • For the casual part, I installed Jackbox Party Pack 2 on my Nintendo Switch. Each player will need to go to on their phone, computer or other device and enter a specific room code to join us.

  • For the more intense gaming experience, I contacted Luc Princen who organized an amazing Dungeons & Dragons beginners’ game night at WordCamp Europe 2019 in Berlin! As great minds think alike, he told me, he already had a similar idea and we’re currently brainstorming.
If you wanna be part of the fun, raise your hand and stay tuned!

#3 – The Dog fits inside the Sleeping Bag!

As I told you yesterday, I want to go on some adventure bike camping trip someday, when the time is right (or, when we’ll have to survive in the woods?). Last year, I bought a sleeping bag for a trip that did finally not happen.
Today I tested it in the living room and the most important insight is: the dog fits inside the sleeping bag 😉 (on both pictures!).

What were the best 3 things that happened to you today?

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